Data Security: How to Protect Cloud Systems in 2020

Bogdan Rassokha Sep 8, 2020
Data Security: How to Protect Cloud Systems in 2020

Data is king whatever upheavals happen in the world. Its storage and protection emerge a great challenge for businesses of all sizes mostly when cyberattacks occur even more often. Whether a small company or a large corporation, each of them needs an empty-of-threats environment. 

How to mitigate risks and make assets and applications less vulnerable? 

Current Pitfalls

Today, 97% of organizations worldwide use cloud services. They need technological solutions to protect their information in this environment as threats become even more sophisticated every year. Moreover, as Big Data security relies on third players and can be accessed over the internet, the following challenges with maintaining cloud systems may appear. 

Access to Cloud Data and Applications

Accessing information from the desired location and any possible device is a considerable perk in the modern digital world. However, this beneficial for users’ experience threatens Big Data security. Control centers can’t cope with massive workloads as efficiently as it was before. Additionally, privileged access can bypass security control and pose serious risks to the system. 


Compliance doesn’t always ensure data security in the cloud environment. On the contrary, it’s a regulatory measure that helps companies adhere to different frameworks with other teams or partners. Compliance oversees the management of legal, financial or other types of risks and goes beyond information assets. 

Cloud-native breaches

This hurdle occurs when an adversarial actor takes a series of attacks. They aim to locate and steal valuable data to their own storage and can get it without malware. Instead, the actors exploit vulnerabilities or errors in a cloud deployment that gives them access to sensitive information through weakly configured or protected interfaces. 2017’s Equifax data breach, which affected 148 million consumers, is one of the most vivid examples of application vulnerability on the company’s websites. 

What’s a Cure-All

Aspectum is highly concerned about the protection of personal information and strictly pursues data security policy. In the company, our team adheres to the best practices, including AWS. 

On July 14th, we introduced domain-based access that verifies users on the network and responds to authentication requests. The feature enables us to provide total visibility and additional security for our clients’ data in the cloud.

As one of the Privacy Shield certified companies, the Aspectum team complies with data protection requirements when transferring personal information from the European Union and Switzerland. Should you have any questions on mechanisms for non-American clients, we are always ready to suggest the best solutions for you.      

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