About us

Aspectum is a US company with a representative office in Ukraine. We started back in 2017 as a main geospatial analytics partner of EOS Data analytics. Since then, we have executed projects in consulting, agro, transportation, retail, and real estate.

It’s always hard to start in the so-called “old” industries. At the same time, old approach with its rigidity, clumsiness and snobbish positioning of GIS as something elitist push us to big steps against. We have seen the previous picture and felt the urge to change the way it is. That is how we started Aspectum, a cloud platform for geodata business intelligence and visualization that can be used by anyone.

Our Team

We have gathered a multicultural team of people united by a constant passion for quality. Every day, we grow our products to make your analytics powerful, your insights easily visible and your visualization smooth. We appreciate scientific value, data-driven decisions, and story-telling design. And we are skeptical about heatmaps.

Does that sound right for you? Look into our Career page and find your perfect location in Aspectum.

Team in Digits

  • 1.1M - average volume of objects brought on the map by our customers in terms of the project.
  • 21 pieces - a number of academic papers written by our teammates.
  • 3 events - international championships won by our CBDO.
  • 14 cups of coffee - daily fuel for insights.

Our mission is to transform traditional business analytical process with cutting-edge geospatial technology

Inspired by innovations, we constantly decrease the industry entrance threshold and enrich your business intelligence.

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Our World

Aspectum is represented through resellers around the world. Contact us, if you need to speak to the regional coordinator or see our Reseller program.

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Aspectum Representative Office
Ukraine, Kyiv
Aspectum Headquarters
California, Menlo Park
Montenegro, Podgorica
Spain, Madrid
Turkey, Ankara
Greece, Athens
Techtrix System Pakistan
Pakistan, Karachi
Imago Global
Myanmar, Yangon
AGP Geospatial Compañy, GeoSpace Solutions
Ecuador, Quito
GlobalGeo Geotecnologias Ltda
Brazil, Nova Lima
AMS Kepler, Géomatique Inteligência
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
Brazil, São Paulo
Geos Telecom
Costa Rica, San Pedro

Our Social Impact

Contribute to the scientific society

Support GIS and data challenges

Develop knowledge and skills of a new professional generation

Help NGOs in their missions

Together we can map an exciting story about your new horizons.

Let’s start!