Pricing Plans

Bill Monthly Bill YearlySave Up to 20%


For those trying geodata visualization.

  • 250 MB Database
  • 50k objects
  • Demo maps
  • Visualization only
$0 / month
$0 / year

Pro 14-days free trial

For individual analysts
and SMBs.

  • 2GB Database
  • 2M objects
  • Unlimited maps
  • Satellite imagery support
  • Free datasets
  • Analysis Algorithms
$99 / month
$1,000 / year
Saving $188 a year
Customer's Choice

Pro+ 14-days free trial

For medium businesses and consulting services.

  • 3GB Database
  • 2M objects
  • Unlimited maps
  • Satellite imagery support
  • Free datasets
  • PDF generator
  • White Label
  • Data science expert session
$400 / month
$4,000 / year
Saving $800 a year


For large systems and custom tasks.

  • 30GB Database
  • 7M+ objects
  • Unlimited maps
  • Free Pro-level data
  • Pro Satellite imagery support
  • Data Auto-Update
  • Full API access
  • 5 hrs Data science expert sessions
  • Premium features
$2,000 / month
$17,000 / year
Saving $7,000 a year
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Pricing Comparison

Customer's Choice
EnterpriseEnterprise+ (Expected soon)
Account Resources
Vector Database250 MB2 GB3 GB30 GB30 GB
Objects in Map50k2mln2mln7mln7mln
Map UsersUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Max Dataset Size50 MB2 GB2 GB5 GB5 GB
WMS support
Basemaps views50k200k200k5mln5mln
Number of widgets244CustomizedCustomized
Analysis Algorithms100/month100/monthCustomizedCustomized
Analysis Chains3/month3/monthCustomizedCustomized
Technical Features
White Label
PDF Generator
Custom Styling
Service Level Agreement
Single Sign On (SAML)
TLS Encryption
Full Disk Encryption
Account Security Policy
IP-Based Access Controls
Map User Authentication
Compliance Data Protection
Private Cloud (AWS Server) Customized
Dataset Library
Departmental Billing
Beta Program Participation
Access to Pre-release Features
Technical Support (Skype / Emails)
Expert Sessions1hr5 hr10 hr
Video Tutorials
Knowledge Center
Bill Monthly Bill YearlySave Up to 20%
/ month
/ year
/ month
/ year
Saving $188 a year
/ month
/ year
Saving $800 a year
/ month
/ year
Saving $7,000 a year
/ month
/ year
Saving $13,000 a year

Alongside with standard option, Aspectum is ready to provide fully-customized experience.
Include the dedicated team of experts to power up the development of your BI map and save your time!

Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I get data?

Aspectum allows downloading your own datasets in the most used formats.You can also send a request on obtaining data from us.

What types of data can be used?

The system supports the most popular formats for data, including .geojson, .xls, .kmz, .zip, .osm, etc.

Can I import data from third-party systems?

The system supports the most popular formats for data, including .geojson, .xls, .kmz, .zip, .osm, etc.


What if I need more capacity?

You can always increase your capacity by upgrading your plan. You can also contact support and apply for increasing a preferred parameter.

What if I exceed capacity during the account period?

You can apply for customization of your preferred parameter.

How many employees can operate the corporate account?

There are 2 types of users: developers and viewers. Each account allows an unlimited amount of viewers and an amount of developers depend on the plan. We can also customize a team option for you.


What are security measures to protect my data?

Aspectum relies on AWS infrastructure certified at the enterprise and government levels.

How long is my data stored in my account?

We store account data for 12 months after the last usage.

Do you provide backups of my data?

Enterprise-level customers are provided with constant data backups.


What billing options are available?

Currently, all major credit cards are supported as well as wire transfer and PayPal.

Can I change my preferred billing option?

If you want to change your billing options, you have to inform us in advance.

Do I have to pay extra fees for onboarding?

Onboarding service is free of charge.

Do you have any discounts?

Students, NGOs, educational organizations, emerging economy countries can apply for 10% discount on Aspectum plans. There is a permanent discount for annual payment, which is starts from 15%.


Do I have to pay for support?

We are happy to help you with using Aspectum. Our Pro plan and higher include extra support options.

Do you provide an onboarding service?

Aspectum has an intuitive interface, but if you need a demo, we are happy to provide it.

What do I do when I need help with data analysis?

Our Pro plan and higher include extra support options, if you have questions in technical field. We also provide GIS expert sessions on demand.

Get 10% Discount on Your Plan

We are proud to offer a 10% discount on your Aspectum plan if your organization meets one of the following requirements.

Non-profits and NGOs with tax-exempt status from their government
Students: individuals with confirmed status from their educational organizations
Qualifying countries
Commercial and non-commercial organizations with both a physical and billing address.