GIS in finance

The financial industry in its core is all about early risk prevention and risk prediction. Aspectum provides a stable ground for these activities through finance mapping software and powerful analytical tools exploring anomalies and outliers in spatial data and human activities.

GIS in banking industry

Even with the rush to the digital space, financial units are largely offline-represented. GIS mapping in banking is used for planning location of the branches, in-mall stalls, and ATMs. The same challenges as of any other businesses — like logistics optimization, finding clusters of clients within a city or region, reducing operational costs — also apply. These rely on geobased BI such as Aspectum.

Investment prediction

Investment analysts keep tracking numerous assets around the world. They have to mix and match factors including owned by third parties. Powerful analytical tools by Aspectum multiplied by the data enrichment and change detection of physical objects maximize outcomes for specialists in prediction. Results are delivered into a single platform.

These objects have several things in common:

  • They have to make informed decisions many times a day;
  • They deal with enormous loads of data;
  • They are largely affected by the human factor;
  • They need ultimate compliance.

All of the above is no longer a serious mistake if you have.

USA Bank Territories

Concentration of the USA bank branches in zones formed by the montly mortgage median sum. The analyst can easily identify patterns and outliers

Risk and Fraud Management

Detecting the possibility of fraudulent financial transactions includes an assessment of the geospatial factor. Spatial patterns can also show the aggregation of high-risk transactions in certain regions, which leads to saving up to 15% of the operational amount.

Bank Transaction Covery

The distance to the nearest bank office can be used as one of the decision-making factors. Risk managers monitor visits in-person to find out probabilities.

Istanbul Airport Change Detection

Aspectum Change Detection functionality is highly useful to monitor the construction development of large infrastructural objects. Analysis of satellite and drones imagery is a paramount tool for consultants and investment analysts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GIS in finance?

There could be many answers. In general, GIS is more often implemented for location planning. The new trend is to combine geospatial BI with AI to get constant monitoring of risks and opportunities.

What does GIS stand for in finance?

Geo informational systems have the same meaning as in other industries, but, probably, larger appliance. They are currently incorporated in risk prediction systems, anti fraud platforms, and even common CRM systems.

What is GIS used for in banking?

It depends on the department. Analysts use this kind of software to come over fraud detection. Operational units find the perfect sites. Marketing and product specialists are also into the geo banking by watching coverage with certain services, comparing marketing activities to the engagement, and articulating special offers for specific demographical districts.