Aspectum for Business Managers

Maximize your business outcomes with Aspectum.
Find wasted funds

Find wasted funds

Smart Maps show the bigger picture

The basics of an effective intelligence solution are the ability to show extra expenses and answer Where? and Why? Businesses have proven up to 64% expenses decrease with Smart Maps.

  • Insights without hassle 10 times faster.
  • Exclude ineffective routes.
  • 1 click to see extra expenses.
Monitor operational activities

Monitor operational activities

Get all the parts of your business on a single screen

Aspectum is here to provide transparency and eliminate the mess that usually arises from a human factor. Watch your traction and save up to 37% of the manager's time monthly.

  • Your assets governed effectively.
  • 37% of time saved on routine operations.
  • No duplicated documents or 100-page reports.
Build exciting opportunities

Build exciting opportunities

Plan growth and find new territories to expand effectively

Strategical vision is one of the most valuable skills for higher revenues and winning in the competition. Find and display your opportunity zones with the best-in-class visualization.

  • Site planning based on the most important data
  • Find zones with low competition and low realty cost.
  • Compare marketing and sales territories.
Implement easily

Implement easily

Hassle-free integration into the existing processes and software

No one wants to be sunk in the burden of implementation that takes months and huge money.
Aspectum is a cloud solution that can be implemented in a day. With our Action Data, you can start right now!

  • No dedicated IT team needed.
  • Optimized cost of analytics tools.
  • Seamless auto-update.