Retail mapping software

Location analytics and GIS in retail proved themselves to be effective in both regional and local companies. Despite the bias, this kind of software has a practical impact that translates into real savings.

GIS for retail business

Business executives recourse for outside consulting, not least because they see GIS as an expensive toy. It might be if they are not using analytics on an everyday basis. Aspectum makes the critical change here substituting 100-page reports with 1 interactive map. As soon as it’s a low-code cloud solution, there is no need to hire a dedicated IT team.

It is also useful in money mapping retail challenges. An analysis is done based on demography and income datasets. The result shows the wealthiest and the more populated districts, which are generally more attractive for retailers.

Retail analytics software

The market is full of small and large solutions for retail heat mapping. However, if we go further into details that is not enough to solve routine problems. Aspectum offers 7 analytical chains to plan, audit and find new opportunities that were previously unseen in charts and tables.

An interactive retail map gathers data in real-time, so you can constantly conduct the health-check of deliveries, sales territories and find out pikes in expenses.

Main challenges are easily depicted through mapping:

  • How to find a new site;
  • How to optimize costs of current operations;
  • How to arrange a supply chain;
  • Where expenses and profit are inconsistent.

Smart Mapping for Other Industries



Get inspired by numerous advantages that retail gets from location intelligence. Site planning, assets monitoring, real-time optimization are there for you.



Both international and local sales benefit largely from location intelligence and GIS mapping of zones of interest. Are you ready for the data-focused sales now?

Retail Store Mapping

Retail Store Mapping

Mapping retail stores is a challenging task. It has a direct impact on the return on investment. Do you know how to manage it without 3rd-party analysts?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a retail mapping system?

There are to meanings in which this term can be used. One stands for analysis of the city or region in terms of competition, site reachability, and demography. The second is for territory mapping when it comes to evaluating how effective sales reps are. Whatever you choose, Aspectum is here to help.

How gis is implemented in retail?

Business units implement GIS software as a part of BI or as a standalone product connected via API. The data department usually aims to cut operational costs and find new growth zones.

How gis is used in retail industry?

GIS is used for almost all general activities. Common usage is territory evaluation, sales reps monitoring, and supply chain analysis.