GIS software for marketing

Aspectum GIS provides businesses with detailed geospatial mapping for marketing purposes by deeply analyzing the market and demography

GIS software for marketing

GIS technology is there to give brands a marketing upper hand since traditional ways to promote are not always enough. Aspectum GIS enables detailed geospatial mapping for marketing purposes. This allows us to visualize and locate demographic, environmental, behavioral, or other characteristics to properly segment customers driving a better understanding of how to attract them.

Marketing mapping software

Marketing mapping software makes it easier to target customers based on what their interests and needs are. Through analyzing geographic, demographic, psychographic, and even cultural features, Aspectum maps and visualizes marketing insights. It allows distinguishing the most appropriate areas for a business to grow and Return On Investment to accelerate. Mapping software is the most affordable digital business intelligence tool that gives a significant competitive edge.

Demography in marketing

Market demography is the first thing business needs to understand before entering the game. A number of inhabitants, their cultural or religious affiliation, average age, level of income, birth and death rates, disease spread are among defining factors in local demand assessment. Knowing demographic details is key to understanding local purchasing activity and design productive sales campaigns. Sales campaign success can be measured by region or city areas and layered with demographic data to see which actions drive better sales for different population categories.

Data visualization marketing

Marketing and visualization software are half-brothers. Data visualization translates raw metrics into comprehensible graphs, charts, and other graphical elements. Visualizing data is even more important for business than the initial information gathering. Aspecum GIS software opens unique business intelligence opportunities. For example, we can combine marketing coverage layer with data from a shipping department to evaluate areas where one-day shipping or other premium features can be implemented.

Smart Mapping for Other Industries



Get inspired by numerous advantages that retail gets from location intelligence. Site planning, assets monitoring, real-time optimization are there for you.



Both international and local sales benefit largely from location intelligence and GIS mapping of zones of interest. Are you ready for the data-focused sales now?

Retail Store Mapping

Retail Store Mapping

Mapping retail stores is a challenging task. It has a direct impact on the return on investment. Do you know how to manage it without 3rd-party analysts?

Frequently Asked Questions

How is gis used in marketing?

Geographic information systems you great tools for marketing visualization. This means comprehensive, precise, and convenient mapping to boost sales.

Why demography is important in marketing?

In order to find the easiest way to reach customers and understand their behavioral patterns, marketers use demographics. Specifically, this kind of analysis allows to target the most important consumer groups and assess risks.

Why is data visualization important for marketing analytics?

Unlike computers, people generally having a hard time comprehending numbers. Marketing visualization tools help our brain to fathom correlations between key performance indicators and their geographical position to plan further activities from there.