GIS Mapping for Public Safety

GIS software for public safety brings real-time situational awareness to protect against the unexpected and mitigate the impact of unplanned disasters. Keep an eye on the unseen with the data-driven insights to make your community safe.

COVID-19 Outbreak & Epidemics Mapping

Aspectum public safety mapping software precisely monitors the spread of coronavirus disease throughout the U.S. It layers with demographics, age groups, hospital infrastructure, and other data needed for timely and effective response. Aspectum not only offers a comprehensive disease outbreak mapping but also tracks the recovery dynamics and vaccine distribution process as soon as it was produced.

Crime Rate Visualisation

Another way to keep citizens safe is to assess risks related to criminal activity. Aspectum GIS systems for public safety keeps track of crime events allowing to build precise crime density maps filtered by demographics and type of incident. A deeper understanding of risks ensures effective patrolling coverage, better police facility planning, and highlights security gaps.

Disaster Mapping

Disaster risk reduction is our primary target. Aspectum utilizes location intelligence, data insights, and emergency management analytics for you to take the right action. By visualizing and analyzing the information from open data sources, Aspectum disaster GIS program discovers vulnerabilities in your public safety system for better emergency management or to inform citizens. Our disaster mapping solution enables mapping software for search and rescue operations, helps to estimate hypothetical spread and damage inflicted or plan shelter layout. It includes support for natural, technogenic, economic, and other types of crises such as:

  • Floods
  • Droughts
  • Storms
  • Earthquakes
  • Volcanic activity
  • Fires
  • Plagues
  • Terrorism acts
  • Environment contamination
  • Earthquakes
  • Industrial accidents
  • Armed conflicts

Forest Wildfires Mapping

Spotting early signs of wildfire and preventing the cause of it are the decisive factors in dodging potential billion-dollar damages. Aspectum GIS fire mapping software analyses parameters based on fire weather index, satellite imagery, and other data sources to highlight areas with increased fire danger. Otherwise, it builds active fire maps allowing to swiftly set up fire rescue operations and develop a containment strategy. While the authority can use Aspectum historical fire damage data to assess potential economic losses.

Social Unrest Monitoring

Civil disturbances can quickly become hostile toward authority and cause significant disruptions to community life which is why spotting the trouble in advance is vital. Aspectum GIS software provides geospatial insight based on cell phone activity and other data sources for a better understanding of local social interaction hazards. This allows to quickly develop countermeasures to demonstrations, protests, riots, and other mass civil disorder acts right place right time.

The mobile data is not the property of Aspectum; it is provided by partners. According to the contract, the data is anonymized and does not allow identification of the end user

Water Pollution and Healthcare

Industrial processing of water affects not only crops but also public health. The map shows all potential threats throughout the USA. Dead zones can be sorted by the type and intensity of hypoxia.

Influence of Coronavirus on Citizens' Complaints

The map with the distribution of complaints made by New York citizens in March 2020 determines the most often and the most critical issues of the city. It also allows analyzing the reaction of households on the virus pandemic.

Windfires - Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

The large-scale fire close to the storage structures for spent nuclear fuel in Chernobyl, Ukraine, monitored with satellite imagery of LandViewer. Visualization also includes landfills in the emergency zone.

Smart Mapping for Other Industries

Homeland Security

Homeland Security

Explore how GIS solutions make cross-agency collaboration more effective and generate insights for safety control bodies at the local and country levels.

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Learn about crime mapping software for felonies monitoring and prevention. How does the data-driven approach change the enforcement domain?

Law Enforcement

Disaster Management

Implementation of the GIS mapping software in disaster management activities is an obvious task. Explore more about the challenges it may cover.

GIS flood mapping

GIS flood mapping

Get inspired by numerous advantages that retail gets from location intelligence. Site planning, assets monitoring, real-time optimization are.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does mapping help to reduce crime and improve public safety?

Data-driven insights regarding crime activity enable effective response from authorities. It is the subject of a decision made by the government agencies to ensure better security based on that insight.

What is GIS for fire fighting?

Geographic Information Systems are actively used in firefighting since they provide the essential location intelligence data to maintain quick response and recovery. GIS powers maps, applications, reports, and hence – improves decision making.

What is risk mapping in disaster management?

Risk mapping is one of the functions of emergency management software. To predict disaster events or mitigate its consequences, it pinpoints trouble spots based on ‘field data’, advisors analytics, and historical records.