GIS for Homeland Security

Exhaustive solutions for ensuring maximum homeland security by employing geospatial data mapping

GIS for Homeland Security

Empower the homeland guardians with the insights derived from GIS analysis. Homeland security GIS data mapping by the Aspectum software provides trustworthy geospatial info, as well as a complete toolbox for gaining reliable knowledge for procedures necessary to maintain national safety.

Data Protection

Ensure maximum home safety with extensive data security measures implemented by Aspectum:

Cross-agency Cooperation

Consolidate and coordinate collaboration across national safety industries, as well as state and regional bodies, communities, private companies, and international allies for ensuring homeland security. Generated location-oriented insights can be easily shared and operated among different members of the process of establishing protection.

Homeland Security Solutions for Events

Carry out detailed analyses of all data available about an event in order to have a clear picture of the potential hazards, as well as the infrastructure of the site in order to plan complete safety for the participants of events.

Generating and Interpreting Insights

Assemble and analyze GIS information and display it on the map to generate instructive insights for establishing protection of national borders, sports facilities, military sites, and official buildings.

Smart Mapping for Other Industries

Public Health

Public Safety

Location intelligence makes public safety measures much more effective. Be prepared and minimize the damage of pandemic, disasters, and civil conflicts.

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Learn about crime mapping software for felonies monitoring and prevention. How does the data-driven approach change the enforcement domain?

Law Enforcement

Disaster Management

Implementation of the GIS mapping software in disaster management activities is an obvious task. Explore more about the challenges it may cover.

GIS flood mapping

GIS flood mapping

Get inspired by numerous advantages that retail gets from location intelligence. Site planning, assets monitoring, real-time optimization are.