GIS Mapping with data

Aspectum is a Geodata Analytics and Visualization platform with geospatial data inside. Once you subscribe, you get access to the analytical playground where you can add your own data, use traffic and price datasets from data providers, request satellite imagery analysis or order a custom dataset for your particular needs. To comply with the security requirements we only provide anonymized 3rd-party data in Aspectum.

Action Data

Data scientists, researchers, GIS specialists who use demographic, income, and other statistics in their activities are enjoying Action Data available right after registration. No need to browse, upload, clean and download the basic information you need:

  • A reliable source of information like census.
  • Thematic sets of maps.
  • Basic sets available for free.

Action Data includes:

  • Demography (age, gender structures, density, etc.)
  • Financial (income, GDP, etc.)
  • Administrative (boundaries, cities, tracts, etc.)
Foot Traffic Data

Foot Traffic Data

Retail, real estate, healthcare, and other industries can get multiple insights from foot traffic in the area of interest. A combined offer from Aspectum and Predicio enables you to track and analyze human activities for your business outcomes.
Data is available for .

Satellite Analytical Data

Satellite Analytical Data

Aspectum is the only solution on the market that combines GPU-based analytics, best-in-class visualization and satellite basemaps on demand.

Enrich satellite imagery with vector-based visualization, create analytical insights via imagery processing to run Change Detection, Building detection, Car Detection, and Disaster Detection operations.

Why Aspectum Data Enrichment Services?

No worries about sources

Get high-quality data from the leading providers without making multiple requests and searching for trustful sources.

Save time for essential tasks

Save up to 80% of the time for the analytical research with ready-made datasets that contain clear and concise parameters.

Get auto-updates

Timely insights based on new factors are vital for fastly-changing fields. These are delivered right to your business account.

Get all in one

All the data streams flow to your interactive map in Aspectum. One account gives you access to the whole world of data.

Real Estate in Kyiv

Aspectum provides smartcity projects a single page to see the whole picture, as well as an action plan for urban planning, infrastructure setting and reducing noise pollution.

Accessibility in Toronto

One of the specific development trends for smart cities is rooftop gardens. Aspectum visualizes opportunities for making the city greener and encouraging the household economy.

Retail in Kyiv

This interactive map works for government analysts. It shows the main commercial factors in the competition between state post offices and business-owned units.

Elevator Networks

Grain makes out a large share of agribusiness in Eastern Europe. Aspectum visualizes grain terminal density within the country and top export partners for a particular region.

Car Accidents in Lviv

Car accidents possess the highest level of risk. The map for transportation experts shows the problem zones and points that should be covered with cameras and extra speed limits.

What is data on demand?

Also known as data enrichment or data enhancement, it is a way to build a more accurate picture by getting third-party datasets such as traffic, constructions, points of interest, zones, etc. No need to waste the time of your analysts on uneasy search quests and sorting things out. Let them move directly to insights.

How does it work?

The best result is achieved when corporate and industrial inputs are blended together. Aspectum allows getting the best of this synergy. The only thing you need is to choose an industry and send a detailed request. Our experts will do the rest for you.

Data enrichment

Creating a particular data environment can be a hard task: from hiring an IT team, setting servers, collecting and comparing data to integrating multiple pieces into a single map.
Points of interest

Points of interest

Establishments and places data.



Weather, water and ecology data.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Housing and commercial properties data.



Exhaustive census data.

Road data

Road data

Flow and incident data.



Industrial objects and facilities.



Banks and ATM data.



Vertical-based research data.