Aspectum vs Competitors

Aspectum is the perfect alternative for any GIS solution you use.

There are 4 directions we are great at and constantly enhancing

  • Best-in-class visualization

  • Extremely fast analysis

  • Helpful support

  • Affordable transparent pricing

Aspectum advantages comparing to other GIS tools

AspectumArcGIS OnlineCarto Builder
Product Features
Insights 100 times faster (GPU-based)
3D visualization
Auto-update of data
PDF generator
2-clicks sharing of data with a map
Simultaneously visualize data on a map using 3 dimensions: color, size and height
Technical Features
SQL interface
White Label
Storage capacity2GB500MB500MB
Technical Support
Expert Sessions - Advanced Support Assistance
Starting price, per month$99Upon request, but

The technically advanced platform that supports the vast majority of files:

  • ESRI Shapefile
  • GeoJSON
  • KML / KMZ
  • CSV / XLS / XLSX

Get more and enjoy every task you accomplish!

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Powerful and Fast Analysis

The data itself is not a key to success. Dealing with it is what really matters.

Aspectum is all about geodata analytics. That’s why all of our customers have access to:

  • 7 analytical algorithms and chains covering all main challenges like finding the highest expenses, pointing out critical zones, showing reachable zones and much more;
  • Technical expertise sessions that allow building high-performance analytics even if you don’t have a dedicated team in your company;
  • Innovations such as GPU-based analytics delivering insights 100 times faster.

We are transforming the culture of 100-pages reports to one interactive map containing the same volume of information but intuitively understandable for any type of viewers.

Helpful Support

Aspectum is here to bring GIS to you. That means that your requests are managed and your questions will be answered. There are three tiers of support:

  • The help system inside the platform, so you don’t have to struggle with the new interface;
  • The support system anywhere throughout every Aspectum product;
  • Technical support for all customers starting from Pro.

You don’t have to allocate a specific team, as Aspectum has 3 levels of assistance for any type of users:

  • Custom project development for business users;
  • Expert Sessions for the project managers;
  • Technical Support for GIS professionals.

Giving More

The idea of Aspectum is to move from the old robust solutions to the flexible ecosystem. Innovative tech solutions allow us to make these things real. Thanks to our adaptable approach to the technology under the hood, users get more capacity and smarter visualization at the lower price.

Customers of Aspectum enjoy more of essentials:

  • Millions of features on the map;
  • Unlimited map users;
  • Large datasets;

Best-in-Class Visualization

Business users, their stakeholders, and customers call the visual part of Aspectum simply stunning. They admit that our smart maps and analytical tools are:

  • Easy to understand;
  • Easy to interact with;
  • And just beautiful.

We are transforming the culture of 100-pages reports to one interactive map containing the same volume of information but intuitively understandable for any type of viewers.

Affordable Pricing

We keep it transparent, so you can plan your spendings on GIS and data monitoring in advance. We are open for pilot versions and customized data analytics solutions on demand, as well.

Bill Monthly Bill YearlySave Up to 20%

Basic 14-days free trial

For individual analysts
and SMBs.

  • 2GB Database
  • 2M objects
  • Unlimited maps
  • Satellite imagery support
  • Free datasets
  • Analysis Algorithms
  • SQL
  • Satellite basemap
$99 / month
$1,000 / year
Saving $188 a year
Customer's Choice

Pro 14-days free trial

For medium businesses and consulting services.

  • 3GB Database
  • 2M objects
  • Unlimited maps
  • Satellite imagery support
  • Free datasets
  • PDF generator
  • White Label
  • Data science expert session
  • SQL
  • API
  • Satellite basemap
$400 / month
$4,000 / year
Saving $800 a year


For large systems and custom tasks.

  • Customized Database
  • Customized objects
  • Unlimited maps
  • Free Pro-level data
  • Pro Satellite imagery support
  • Data Auto-Update
  • SQL
  • Full API access
  • Customized hrs Data science expert sessions
  • Premium features
  • Group Account
Individual price

What our clients say

Review image 2
Creating maps with Aspectum is pure joy! The interface is user-friendly and understandable for those who do not have much technical knowledge in the geospatial industry. What I liked most about the platform was the ability to integrate with other EOS products like EOS Storage or EOS Processing.
Jacob Suberza Chavarria

GEODEVLAB XY, CEO and Founder, Mexico

Review image 1
Aspectum caught our attention with its sophisticated visualization that is fundamentally different from previous mapping solutions we worked with. The level of detail and stylization options freedom suits us best.
Vinod Kumar Samanthula

SenseacreLabs, Founder & CEO, India

Review image 3
With Aspectum platform we get a powerful technical environment, GIS support with dedicated expert sessions for map development, and data enrichment options. Plus, it can be easily customized, modified and configured in accordance with our needs.
Denis Tereshenko

Ecosap, CEO, Ukraine

Review image 4
Overall, the user interface looked polished and professional, and I was impressed with the rendering time of the maps.
Katherine Clark

Geospatial Analyst II at Resource Environmental Solutions LLC

Review image 5
My experience using ASPECTUM was really satisfactory and different from the use of other dynamic map platforms, since both the information loading and the configuration of the maps were very simple and, thanks to its versatility, practically, any type of map can be represented The graphical results it offers are very dynamic, visually appealing and easy to interpret. Without a doubt, it is a very good tool that adapts to any need and workflow.
Gabriel Balderas

Bufete de Soluciones Integrales S.C., GIS Specialist, Mexico

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