Aspectum Launches GIS Community Insights Survey

EOS Admin Jun 4, 2020
Aspectum Launches GIS Community Insights Survey

On June 4th, Aspectum will be launching its first GIS-industry opinion leaders and geospatial data scientists survey. The purpose of the study is to explore the inner working of the industry and to find out more about its professionals and challenges they solve. Take a look at who modern GIS specialists are inside and outside the office. Find out the industry’s ‘loves & hates’, ‘ups & downs’, and what kind of future GIS professionals anticipate.

Why the research is important?

The majority of GIS-related surveys are focused on the industry as a whole rather than on individuals. However, the industry is driven by people. Their routine, their vision, and tools they use in their work is what shapes geospatial technology. We believe this kind of information is worth hearing and spreading.  The mission of the “GIS Community Insights” research is to bring together the voices of the GIS community from all over the globe to highlight the insights and show the industry’s current state in today’s uptight conditions. 

How would it go?

The gathering and analysis of collected data will take place from June 4th to July 3rd. When the research is done, the report will be shared with the public and those who have participated in the survey.

Who are participating?

First and foremost, we encourage GIS specialists of all levels of expertise to contribute to the research. Business analysts, sociologists, geologists, city planners, and others who deal extensively with geospatial data are also welcome to join the public enquiry. 

Participants are not restricted by the region or field of work. The research is independent, impartial, and open-minded. The information from various sources is other way around welcome and crucial to visualize the picture of the geospatial community around the world in an accurate way.

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