Subscription Plans in Aspectum: New Titles and Possibilities

EOS Admin Oct 29, 2020
Subscription Plans in Aspectum: New Titles and Possibilities

Transparent pricing is a cornerstone of effective business development. For decades, companies have been calculating service costs depending on their market share rather than evaluating the product’s actual price. At this point, customers didn’t always understand what they would get after paying their money. To make things worse, they could figure out numerous pitfalls only after discussing details with sales managers. 

In Aspectum, we strive to make everything instantly clear and simple. We aim to help our customers not to get confused and choose the best packages for their businesses. That’s why we introduce subscription plans with new titles and ample possibilities. 

Here is what we offer. 


The plan is free of charge as the title states. It embraces the basic features and enables new customers to try out our best-in-class visualization. We also offer OSM and free data catalog with 250 MB of free storage. The plan is limited in options but not in time. So, if customers need 3, 6 or even 12 months to make their mind, they can take their time. 

Basic – $99/mo

This plan is a perfect choice for individuals and small businesses. It offers simple solutions in visualization. Our users can also get satellite images and unlimited access to maps with a storage of 2 GB and room for 2 million objects. Accounts are delivered with basic datasets such as demography, income and the like. 

Pro – $400/mo

This subscription plan fits the best small and medium consulting companies that enjoy the White Label opportunity while delivering their analytics to customers. With domain-based access, users get restricting access to smart maps and visualizations. Additionally, the plan includes an hour of the monthly session with GIS & DS experts. 

Enterprise – $2000/mo

It is one of the most flexible plans both medium and large businesses opt for. It provides storage 10 times larger than presented in Pro aka subscribers get 30 GB instead of 3 GB. Additionally, the plan includes free pro-level datasets, improved satellite imagery support and group accounts. If necessary, GIS and science expertise can be provided up to 5 times per month. 

Premium – $4000/mo

The title speaks for itself. As the most customizable subscription plan with premium-only options, it offers early access to the pre-release features, SLA, and provides 10 hours of sessions with GIS & DS experts monthly. 

Despite the subscription plan, the trial period is customized and available to every user after authorization from sales managers.  


Now, it’s time to find out the nitty-gritty to better understand how everything works. The following are the questions that interest our customers more often. 

Does Aspectum provide data needed to begin work right away? 

We provide data, but it depends on the chosen package. Users can find a basic dataset in the Pro subscription plan and an extended one in their Enterprise accounts. We also provide a data-on-demand service that allows customers to process specific data. 

Can I access a particular piece of data over the API?

Aspectum does not send information over the API. However, we may import some data in this way. The plans starting with Pro include support for the external API. For more information, consult our product guide. 

What support is provided depending on the subscription plan? 

Free and Pro plan users can get support within 24 business hours. The Basic plan includes also an hour of expertise session. Enterprise and Premium subscribers are supported within 6 hours.

What is the payment method? 

Currently, we support all major credit cards as well as wire transfer and PayPal. If you want to change your billing options, you have to inform us in advance.

Do you provide custom project development?

Of course. Just contact our sales managers to learn more about the enhanced capabilities we offer on a turn-key basis. 

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