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Public and private NGOs employ efficient geospatial mapping software to design and execute projects that shape the world

GIS software for local government

Non-governmental and non-profit organizations are among the ones having tangible benefits from Geographic Information Systems. Since these organizations usually rely on donations and don’t have big budgets to spare, it’s crucial for them to have affordable tools in their work. Aspectum provides just what NGOs need – accessible and cheap spatial data!

Non-governmental organizations (NGO) and GIS can form a powerful connection to communicate issues whether it’s drawing attention to humanitarian crises or environmental challenges. Maps based on spatial data tell a convincing story and graphically illustrate problems we need to collectively overcome.

NGO mapping software

Developing smart solutions is a go-to strategy to raise awareness. Aspectum NGO mapping software is a convenient tool to attract funds because it vividly illustrates the importance of the work your organization is doing for whole societies and ecosystems. It is also good for making extensive reports to meet donors’ expectations. From the inside perspective, GIS is effective for team coordination and strategical decision-making. At the same time, geospatial software is often used as a risk mapping tool for NGO boards to ensure investment safety. GIS answers the questions as where should resource be allocated?; which areas need more precise attention?; or when the operation is believed to be successful?

Having interactive maps makes the work much easier whether it’s vulnerable social group protection, healthcare initiatives, emergency operations, or heritage conservation project. Data-driven insights provided by Aspectum are there to guide your efforts.

GIS in practice

Both public and private NGOs have proven cases of helping the environment and society using geospatial software. The most promising areas for Aspectum mapping are:

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Local Government

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