GIS software for public health

GIS software for public health allows local authorities to identify threats and allocate resources to properly respond to dangers and to avert crises

GIS software for public health

GIS in Public Health

Global health challenges prove again and again the importance of the data-driven approach to ensuring public well-being on local and global levels. Aspectum mapping offers powerful tools to effectively manage healthcare challenges with GIS insights.

Public Health Data Visualization

Aspectum GIS mapping empowers healthcare professionals with insightful data about the disease outbreaks and visualizes the patters on the map to promptly respond to public well-being threats. By assembling and analyzing information from a vast pool of public health data sources, authorities can identify affected areas and the most vulnerable socio-demographic groups, and as a result, devise effective strategies to allocate help and flatten the curve.

Public Health Mapping Tool Helps Save Lives


Use public health software to apportion capacities, offer recommendations, and draw up adequate blueprints to respond to health threats in advance.


With public health mapping tools, monitor the ongoing development of diseases, track their progression on the GIS map, and correlate the patterns from the past to know what to expect next.


Perform public health analysis with the GIS software to view a comprehensive picture of the personnel and equipment availability and distribute them according to the needs.

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