On this map, LSOA (Lower Layer Super Output Areas) of London are colored according to the Multiple deprivation index, where 10 – the least deprived (richer), 1 – the most deprived (poorer). The quarters are colored according to the average house price in GBP. Among other things, additional information to them is the period of construction of almost all the buildings. Relatively new buildings, over the past 8 years, are dotted, with information on the status of work in progress and building permits.

You can find a histogram for filtering LSOA by the poverty index, as well as a chart for the number of building permits issued for each value of this index. Quarters can be filtered by year of construction in the box plot, where you can also see the difference in price relative to the most buildings’ construction year. New buildings can be filtered by construction status and by purpose.

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