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Location business intelligence and geospatial visualization.

GIS Mapping Software

Meet GIS mapping by Aspectum, the tool that gives you access to the robust data presented as an easy-to-comprehend online map and equips your decision-makers with powerful insights into tendencies, links, and relations.

Enhance Your Business Development

Introduce the interactive GIS software into your business processes and gain invaluable information from risk predictions to identifying new commercial opportunities. With just a few clicks.

Aspectum Global Coverage

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First of all. Aspectum caught our interest with sophisticated visualization that highly differs from previous mapping solutions they worked with. That is advanced level of detalization and a freedom for stylization options.
Vinod Kumar Samanthula

SenseacreLabs, Founder & CEO, India

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The process of creating maps is more than fantastic the interface is very friendly and understandable for those who do not have much technical knowledge in the geospatial industry. What I liked most about the platform was the integration with the other products of EOS, EOS Storage, EOS Processing and clear Aspectum.
Jacob Suberza Chavarria

Bufete de Soluciones Integrales S.C., Pre-Sales Engineer, Mexico

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Choosing Aspectum platform we get powerful technical performance, GIS support with dedicated expert sessions for map development, data support & enrichment, and custom development.
Denis Tereshenko

Ecosap, CEO, Ukraine

Get maximum from your challenges

Market analysis
Growth and expansion
Logistics optimization
Competitors geomonitoring
Finding wasted expenses
Land and resource management

Get maximum insights 100 times faster

  • Automation

    From spreadsheets
    to interactivity.

  • Mapping

    All data in all regions on
    a single screen.

  • Visualization

    Big picture with 3D
    and satellite basemap.

  • Analysis

    See losses and
    opportunity zones.

  • Value

    Know Where?

Create your own powerful map

Visualize and analyze the date and share it.
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