Aspectum Visualized Black Lives Matter Protests

EOS Admin Jun 9, 2020
Aspectum Visualized Black Lives Matter Protests

To commit to citizen safety and impact on raising public awareness, Aspectum has visualized the ongoing Black Lives Matter human rights demonstrations throughout North America and Europe. The real-time map displays current protests hotspots, estimates numbers of participants by city, and links relevant media references to each event. 

The research shows the close number of active protesters at the moment by city while the total count is now estimated to exceed 390 000. The map reveals that major protests are occurring in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and New York followed closely by Philadelphia and Chicago. The current version of our BLM map includes visualizations of protest group locations, an approximate number of people in each spot with a graph illustrating the number of protesters overtime, and in-built news updates with media references to each of them. 

The protests against racism and police brutality began after the murder of a 46-year-old African-American George Floyd by the police officer in Minneapolis, MN on May 25. In a matter of days, rallies and demonstrations against police violence towards black people spread to other parts of the US, and some of the European cities. Millions of people have joined the protests online under the #blackouttuesday, #blacklivesmatter, and #stopracism hashtags. 

Local authorities voice a concern that mass protests might cause new outbreaks of coronavirus. The Atlanta major urged protesters to take a coronavirus test right after the protests. However, the Associated Press indicates, whether the protests themselves will cause new outbreaks of coronavirus, it is not yet clear, as the main events unfold outdoors, and many demonstrators wear face masks.

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