Dataset Editor

Users can edit their datasets with the Dataset Editor. To do so, double left-click on the dataset or right-click and select Open in the context menu.

Here you can not only edit existing rows and columns, but also add new ones using the buttons at the top of the screen. The + Row button adds an empty line at the end of the list.

When you click on + Column, a window appears in which you can enter the column name and data type (or leave it by default), and then click on Add or press Enter button.

To enter or edit data, double-click on the cell. After entering the data, press Enter or click outside the input field to save.

The position of the columns can be changed by dragging them with the mouse.

You can also enable sorting data in ascending or descending order through the context menu of the column, item Sorting.

In the same context menu, you can copy a column, rename it, or delete it.

You can copy and delete for rows from the context menu of any cell in the row.

For more convenient work with data, you can go to Form view, which displays all the data in a row at once.

After editing the dataset, you can add it to the map or create a new one without leaving the Dataset Editor. To do so, use the buttons in the lower right corner of the screen.